FAQ     2022-07-24 21:41:59

1. The mailboxes sold by our store are all opened with imap smtp and can be logged in from any client. Unlimited Some mailboxes send a bundled secret mailbox. The login URL of the secret mailbox is 5email.net

2. All mailboxes in our store that support client login do not have the problem of not receiving the trash or other folders

4. The naming method of our mailbox adopts English name or nickname plus 1 to 3 random characters, which is most suitable for all kinds of online earning.

5. Some friends do not like the typesetting of mailbox information. I suggest using the regular extraction tool RegexTester RegexTester.zip to extract it and output it as text or table regular expression [in quotation marks] "(?<=邮箱名).*?密码.*?(?=名)"  or  "(?<=邮箱名).*?密码.*?(?=恢复码)"    or "(?<=邮箱名).*?客户端密码.*?(?=密码)"

6. Regarding mass posting, please study the mass posting rules by yourself. The quality of IP greatly affects the mass posting effect. It is recommended to use high-quality ip for mass posting.

7.imap smtp settings (please click)